Monday, February 4, 2008

High School Musical 2: Sharpay Tears

Earlier this evening, when I got home, I decided to put in High School Musical 2 and relax for a while. For some reason, it always makes me feel better. Anyways, there was this scene just towards the end of the movie where Troy agrees to sing with Sharpay.

(after he had told her he wasn't going to because of the way she was treating his friends).

In that scene, Ashley (Sharpay) had tears falling from her eyes. I know, crazy huh, but that was my favorite part of the entire movie. I just wanted to reach out and hug her. I really love Ashley as an actress, I'd definitely love to see her take on more dramatic roles.

High School Musical 2: YouTube Video the Sharpay tears scene


MC's Music Notes said...

I've never seen HSM, but I have a feeling Ashley will continue to progress towards many more dramatic roles as her career goes forward.

meg said...

aw.. you're cute ash! haha.. but i was on youtube.. and i saw a video of when ashley met jessica simpson.. it was so cute cause she was freaking out hardcore! haha i'm sure you've seen it already though !!

The Ashley Reporter said...

Meg, that video of Ashley meeting Jessica is on the DVD released not to long ago called, "There's Something About Ashley", it was pretty great.